Mindsets for performance confidence


Mindsets for performance confidence

Being confident in performance is all to do with mindset and where your focus is at any given moment.  Generally speaking, there are 2 frames of mind that can happen when performing. There is the analytical mind,  and the observational/free flowing mind.


 When we perform, it is always better to have an observational/free flowing mind. This is so that whatever happens during our performance, we keep going, and don’t let emotion or fears take the driving seat.

          In this way of thinking, we are more present, not worrying about what will happen next, and able to give a more authentic performance. We have the freedom to express, without negative and critical thoughts getting in the way, and affecting our state.

The analytical mind is good for when we practice before a performance, in the process of getting  to  a performance standard. Then when it  comes to performance time, we have to let go, and face whatever will happen. We have to keep our focus on the external world, and listen to what happens in our environment, instead of listening to our inner voices that can be critical. This will help us stay calm and collected during a performance, and also our audience who can be very sensitive to our state. When something goes wrong,  which if we´re totally honest, happens in most performances, then we are in a good place to bounce back immediately, and continue without being upset, and distracted by the mistake, that occured.

                     Of course we can all be nervous before a performance, but no one said it has to be totally overwhelming and stressful experience for us. Just the right amount of nerves, can be wonderful to push us to give the best performance possible, and inspire those who give their time generously to listen to us.