The Pianist´s success ritual toolkit,

stop nerves gate crashing your Piano performances​.

Created by Concert Pianist

Daniel Roberts​

Here´s what you get:

    • Instant online access to daily practice tasks, to eliminate nerves, and dramatically increase your Piano performances to a higher level, that you can implement right away, using the pdfs.
        • Online video guides where Daniel gives demonstrations of preparing difficult Piano music by Rachmaninov, Beethoven, Gershwin, to inspire how you will overcome challenges, in your daily practice.
    • Ways to release self judgement, when you reflect on your Piano performance, so you can grow and learn, without feeling disappointed about mistakes.

      • Examples of how you can plan your Piano practice sessions, and templates to fill in with the best approach, to be clear on what best works for you now.
    • ​A FB group, where you can get support, give feedback, and ideas
  • ​Affiliate opportunities, where you can earn a commisions on sales of the Bundle, and make back your original investment and more. 


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It´s my pleasure to perform solo music I love, 4 times a month,  and recent performances with virtual orchestra have included, Gershwin´s Rhapsody in Blue, and Rachmaninov´s 2nd & 3rd Piano concertos.​

Upcoming performances during 2022 include Solo Piano music by Chopin, Beethoven, Liszt, as well as concertos by Prokofiev, Gershwin, Rachmaniov, Saint-Saëns, Tchaikovsky, and more with virtual orchestra. 

As well, you will gain access to unreleased videos, of my past online concerto performances, including Rachmaninov´s 2nd & 3rd, along with Gershwin´s Rhapsody in Blue, and other solo concerts. 

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