Affiliate program for the Fluid Piano system

The Fluid Piano system video course Affiliate program

You can earn an affiliate  commission of  $120 on each sale of the Fluid Piano system course.

If you have colleages/friends who purchase the course, they will be able to let me know, you referred them, by typing your name, in the suvey at the start of the course.

Please note it´s a legal requirement, that you let people know you are an affiliate, as you share the course with them, when they express interest in purchasing the course. 

Affiliate payouts will be made 31 days after the date that a person you referred, enrols in the course,  as the course has a 30-day guarantee

Payments are processed through PayPal.

When someone completes the survey stating that you have referred them, you will be notified about it, after the 30 day period has cleared.

 Feel free to ask any questions, and thanks for your interest in this programme.