London recital Periscope broadcast

You´re invited to the exclusive livestream of my London Piano concert, on Saturday April 6th, at 9:30am Eastern, 8:30am Central, 3:30pm Central European, that features music by Beethoven, Chopin, Liszt, and more.

This concert will be performed on a beautiful Steinway grand piano, in front of a live paying audience.

If you´re not in the UK, I want to share an opportunity for you to experience this concert live, on the Periscope app.

I have really enjoyed combining audiences live and online, and I appreciate any support that you can give for this performance.

If you´re new to periscope, download the app, and follow me @PianoDanmusic.

If you can´t get the app then on your computer, just go to this link, and log in with your FB/twitter profile: Daniel Roberts Periscope channel

To be added to the private livestream group on Periscope:

1. Go to my support page:

Any amount you can send via paypal is really appreciated, and you will have access to the replays and a recording of the concert, will be shared with you on an unlisted youtube page, soon after the concert, by the end of April.

2. You can type your periscope username with your support as well, so then I`ll be able to add you to the periscope group within 24 hours of your support.

3. Go to your periscope profile, click the groups section, and you will see an invite request to join the concert group.

4. On Saturday April 6th, I will go live just before 9:30am Eastern, 8:30am Central, 3:30pm Central European, and you can join the livestream right away, as you´ll see it live on the app.

For the best experience possible, I recommend you watch on PC with loudspeakers, or use a Bluetooth speaker with mobile device. Also connect to TV if you have the tech.

My periscope handle is @pianodanmusic, if your new to me there, and haven´t followed me yet.

Feel free to message me any questions, and hope you can join me live for this exciting event soon!