Your Free video is on the way to your inbox. I invite you to learn how you can structure your practice even more before your big performances, so that you can keep the body naturally relaxed, and not get stressed building up nerves.

In this self study video course for healthy practice, you will learn simple effective ways , to practice for your concerts/auditions/exams without experiencing pain after, and ways to avoid future physical problems from tension that is often carried into a practice session unconsciously.

This course will start you on your journey to feeling more positive, calm, and excited about your performances, and being able to let go of the worries that often hinder your natural expression.

You'll learn the ways to prepare physically before every practice session.

                       As well you'll be given methods to practice in a calm and focused way, free from frustration and impatience.This way you will be able to enjoy your practice sessions again, without resentment, and feeling like your in a vicious circle of no development.

                            The methods taught in this mini course, will help you to ´let go´of the need of getting everything perfect in a very short time, and you´ll trust yourself to let natural improvement happen.Also you will learn the necessary steps when you start to notice any problems arise during your practice, how to safely prevent them and start again. from a natural relaxed state.

                           This will save you many hours again, of being frustrated with your practice, and not knowing the root of the problem, leading you to look forward to each practice session, knowing you have the means to make progress in your musical journey.Performances that you have scheduled won´t seem like heavy burdens, as you can feel more prepared, and enjoy performing in the moment without stress from physical tension.                       As a bonus you will get a practice Planner, that will help you use your time most productively in practicing pieces, that you would really love to perform.

The videos will be online forever, to study at your own pace.