Daniel loves performing to inspire people who want to learn Piano, and is also working on educational products such as his ´Piano mastery: The fluid piano system´ online course, that helps Pianist´s improve their ability in a natural way, free from strains that cause physical injury.

If you would like to sponsor Pianist Daniel Roberts for his concerts and projects, as appreciation for your sponsorship you will recieve:

• A permanent sponsorship mention on this website

• 2 unreleased MP3 recordings (including original music by Daniel)

• A signed photo

• A personal letter of thanks

• Lifetime priority booking and VIP seats (for up to 5 people) for any of Daniel´s concerts, that you attend.

  •  A personal youtube  video performance, dedicated to you

Payments are safe and secure through Paypal, and can be made without a Paypal account.

After you´re sponsorship payment has been made, you will be contacted personally by Daniel within 24 hours.

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Big thanks to sponsors for the ´Piano mastery: The fluid Piano system´ online course, being created by Daniel.

Collier Ma (USA) Odd poet Girl website here

Daniel would like to express his deepest gratitude to those who sponsored his ´Rhapsody in Blue´ performance at the Central Theatre, Juiz de Fora, Brazil, December 2015.

Special thanks to:

Caroline Mckinney (Scotland, UK)

Dan Hsu (USA)


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